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last updated Jul 29 2021

Hey! I'm glad you're interested in getting your own epic plugin made from the Voidstone Software plugin store. Make sure you read through this page entirely, as it has some important information about working with us, payment, time frames, updates, and more.

Plugin size determination and version

As you've probably noticed on the plugin store's main page, there are several sizes your requested plugin could fall under. Those size listings are meant more for a broad understanding of pricing and time frames. When we get in touch about the specifics of your plugin, we'll let you know what size we consider it to fall under.

It's important that we know the server software you use, as well as the version, so we can create the plugin using the correct API. When requesting a plugin from us, be sure to include that information (for example, 'Spigot 1.8.9', 'Paper 1.16.5', etc.).

If you're using a plugin to allow Minecraft clients of other versions to join the server (like ViaVersion), be sure to let us know the actual version the server is on, even if you run your client on a different version.



Time and time frames

Plugin development

Final product and review

Bug fixing

You may encounter an instance where we messed up or didn't catch a bug during plugin development. Because these plugins are quickly developed and are only tested by us in a controlled environment, you may experience issues on your server with plugin compatibility (something we wouldn't necessarily be able to test on our own) or usage by large groups of players.

In these scenarios, we'll do our best to get the bug fixed free of charge. The time frame of the fix will depend on our availability, but we'll do our best to get it fixed and send it over.

Future updates

Want to add something to the plugin later on? Not a problem. Get in touch with us and we'll discuss the pricing and time frame for the update, both of which will depend on what the requested features are.

Other important terms