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You give us your idea, we'll make it real.

In need of an app to help simplify and automate a tedious task? Or maybe one to help you keep track of time. Perhaps you want to streamline your own project or services with a custom website. Or, are you a Minecraft server owner looking for a custom server plugin? Share your idea with us and we'll do our best to turn it into code and make it real.

We make Minecraft plugins.

There's only so far you can get with plugins that already exist when making your server stand out from the rest. Sure, some of them are a necessity, but what about ideas you came up with that don't already exist in plugin form? Maybe you need a full player management system for your massive server, or perhaps you want to complete a fun, custom challenge with your friends. Let us bring those ideas into reality.

Quality comes first.

Specializing in Minecraft server plugins since 2015, we've grown experienced in creating quality plugins curated as close to your request as possible. We test all of the features on our testing servers as we develop, and we make sure to account for as many issue-causing server scenarios as we can.

Get it for any version.

We'll make the plugin on whatever version of Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, etc. you need. Plan on running it on multiple servers of different versions? We'll build the plugin on every version necessary.

Configurable to your liking.

Let us know what you need/want to have in the plugin's configuration files. We'll throw in customizable language files if you'd like to be able to change all of the plugin's messages, too.

Source code included.

We include the plugin's raw source code along with the built jar, so you'll be able to check it out if you'd like.

Test it before you get it.

Before we hand the file over, we invite you onto a private testing server so you can see your plugin in action before you add it to your own server.

We'll still be here.

Any bugs with the plugin? They'll be fixed free of charge*. Want to add some new features? We'll take care of those too (pricing for updates varies*).

Here's what people are saying.

"Blockhead7360 is an outstanding developer. The plugin he coded for me was fairly complex and he set it up exactly how I asked him to. He responds quickly and he is willing to add new features upon request. I will definitely come back to him whenever I need another plugin made!"

- BTheTrooper from OmniVS | Superhero & City RP

"Did an amazing job on my project, extremely helpful and easy to work with."

"Very professionally done, works great, looks great. I have slowly been going through my custom plugins and having them redone with GUIs for a more professional and complete look, and [Blockhead7360] has been a great help in that goal."

- Dragon_12dk

"...you have some of the best customer service I've seen in a developer and you were very fast at making the plugin..."

- LegoNetwork

From a simple command to an entire server. We do it all.

View some example plugin types, along with their respective estimated completition time frames* and prices*, below.

Small Utility Plugins

Those simple yet necessary plugins, like a quick punishment system, a light teleportation and warping system, a messaging system, and other small plugins. Most small challenge plugins for a personal Minecraft server can be included here.

Starting at $5
Approximately less than 1 day to 2 days

Medium Utility Plugins

Economy-integrated shop systems, inventory menu GUIs, player inventory systems, and other medium plugins. More elaborate challenge plugins for a personal Minecraft server can be included here.

Starting at $50
Approximately 2 days to 5 days

Large Utility Plugins

Complex player management systems, sophisticated inventory menu GUIs, large world management systems, and other large plugins.

Starting at $100
Approximately 5 days to 2 weeks

Game Modes

Complete custom minigames and/or game modes. These type of plugins typically fall under this category but can fall under cheaper categories depending on the game's size.

Starting at $125
Approximately 1 week to 4 weeks

Full Server Management

Complete ranking systems, complex leveling systems (unlockables, etc.), and more. It can be a massive all-in-one plugin with a bunch of stuff for your server, or it can be a group of plugins.

Starting at $200
Approximately 2 weeks to 8 weeks

We make apps and sites.

Although we specialize in video game plugins and mods, we also design and create applications and websites (this website being one of them). See some projects by the Voidstone creator on his website, like the DMSLauncher. We plan on working to improve these services, as well as provide more detailed information, over time.

Prices are curated to your idea.

Most app or site requests differ, so we don't have any estimated prices. Contact us with your request and we'll share an estimated price.

Ready? Request.

Contact us through email at voidstone@dilanxd.com to get started.


By requesting and having software made by Voidstone Software, you'll need to agree to the Voidstone Software terms of service. We recommend you read through it all. Don't worry, it's not long.

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